A Letter to our fans

February 29, 2016

So Sup has been three years in the making and through it all, we’ve seen our fair share of crazy shit going down. From the days of partying in a cramped dorm, (Shout out to the old Sol 2 “Quad Squad”) to the massive 400 person joint Halloween rager we threw sophomore year, it’s been a wild ride so far and we want to thank all of you for being a part of it. We couldn’t have done it without all of your help and enthusiasm.


This year Sup moved off campus, due to the fact that we may have actually ruined huge parties at Park Point forever (sorry to whoever lives there) and for some reason I’ve felt that we’ve alienated a vital part of our fan base.   


We’ve been more focused on playing local gigs and trying to expand into all of the NY area. As you know, we went on tour this past winter around New York State (I never finished the tour blogs, oops) and while those accomplishments are great in and of themselves, I can’t help but feel something’s missing.


When Sup formed back in orientation week of freshman year (we went as Simple Minds, then Subjective Perspective) we had the vision of starting something truly special. Not just in our music but the party itself. We wanted to create an environment in which you could forget all your problems and just focus on having a fun time, meeting some new people, and of course, getting as fucked up as possible. We knew coming in that this was a school that supposedly had shitty parties of “Sausagefests” (pun intended) and that the average student was an anti-social geek who wouldn’t leave his house. But every single one of you who reads this knows this isn’t the case. RIT goes hard, and having been to parties at nearby colleges I think we can easily say that as a collective, we’re the fucking best in the Rochester Area.


We’ll be honest. This year has not met our standard of topping the previous year.




We have something in the works. Something huge. Something special. Music video special.


We owe it to you guys for sticking around for three years.


So free up your schedules the weekend after spring break (APR 2). This will be something that you won’t want to miss.


 And bring those damn safety glasses.


TL;DR Huge party being thrown the weekend after spring break

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