Some SuPdates and ragerdates

March 10, 2016

Sup everyone!

So I’m feeling a bit crazy right now, mostly cause I’m suffering from music festival hangover. The adjustment from music-crazed hippie to real-world college student is quite the challenge but hey, I’m only 3 months away from Bonnaroo 2016 so I can’t complain. I swear I can still hear the throbbing bass from RL Grime and Skrillex still ringing in my ears.


Right now Sup (by that I mean mostly Tom hehe) is in the midst of scheduling some gigs in the spring and summer. We will be making the comeback to RIT events Imagine RIT (May 7th) and Brickstock so get ready for that shit and we encourage you to show your support by showing up. Even if it’s just a simple pass-through!


For the summer so far we’ve got The Show on Monroe on June 4th The Irondequoit Concert Series on June 30th and The Brothers of Mercy Concert Series in Clarence, NY (date unknown). If you would like us to play at your hometowns respective small-scale (we prefer fucking huge though) concert series over the summer let us know what it’s called! We’ll travel anywhere to see you guys!



Aaaaaand due to popular demand we’re bringing back our thirsty Thursdays by playing a St. Patty’s day rager on the 17th of March. How well will U of R, RIT, and MCC students mesh? Show up and find out! We’ll let you know the location in the upcoming days.


Aaaaaaaaaaand finally be on the lookout for our new recording session and interview on WITR 89.7. We’re recording this on Saturday and as always, we’ll let you know when both are being aired live.


Lastly, we’re currently in the studio re-recording one of the songs from “Groove Punk” (that’s our last album name) so it’s suitable for music video quality!


Enjoy the rest of your mindless web browsing.


Also we have new t-shirts. Please buy one.

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