Resting Up

September 9, 2016


SuP is taking a weekend off after that hat trick.  Last Friday, we hit the NYS Fair, which over its course had a record breaking 1.1 million visits!  Our end-of-morning into beginning-of-afternoon performance was one of our best.  The sound engineer and equipment were excellent.  Haha you could say that this gig popped a few cherries for us, being our first back stage room experience and first post gig interview.  

Saturday we closed out the party of dickeredness that was the Scottsdale Grand Prix.  Backyard dirtbike race turned SuP show was always going to be rowdy.  The morning after saw the drywall from the basement ceiling lying in crumbles on the floor.   


On Sunday we played a lil bit for Phi Tau & friends out at Deans and then indulged in the festivities.  Great time, those guys are pretty much always killin' it.  

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