Album Release News and more rambling.......

January 10, 2017

We've kept you all waiting for long enough but we're pretty close to finishing this album. I can see the end in sight (February 3rd to be exact) and all I can say is I hope you guys enjoy listening to it. 


This is an album consisting of songs that range from our usual "don't give af, crappy alternative rock" noise to songs that put into perspective what our band is going through at the moment. It's a culmination of everything we set out to accomplish when we formed and everything that Rochester threw at us.


And fuck, you guys threw a lot. Honestly, It's been a fun four years of music and excessive partying, and to those of you who are graduating this semester, congratulations! (I really envy you to be honest.)


I can't speak on behalf of Tom and Josh but for myself, if I was to tell my freshman self what I was going to accomplish, I probably wouldn't have believed it. The shitty grades part, yeah that was a given, but to form a band that would go on to play the New York State Fair, open for SWMRS, Halloween parties, tour across NYS and most of all just make music. 


And that's just it. Figuring out that my future was tied to music was the best thing college gave to me. Everything else? Well..... I don't want to get carried away. 


It hasn't been perfect. Far from it. We've had some shortcomings which include the delayed album release, not having a music video, the "work in progress" website, and who could forget those multiple times I've freaked out at one of our parties. But knowing that there is a select few of you who actually enjoy this shit makes it all worth it. 


To those of you who have put up with it. We thank you. And to those of you who actually read this blog, here's a treat. ---------> treat. 


Who knows with this album. Maybe we'll finally breakthrough. 




I fucking hope so. 


P.S. you can definitely expect a rager happening on February 3rd. 

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