Quiet Before The Storm

April 27, 2016

We'd like to start this post off with a thanks to the Phi Zeta Chi's from Geneseo for having us play at their awesome party.  Its hard to tell from the potato-quality image but that's J-Bass on the mic with the shadow of an audience.  That's right, an audience (Wow!).  It was one of the rowdiest shows we've played and for that reason, one of my favorites.  


 Getting to the title topic, this weekend will be quiet for us.  We are trying to release an EP soon so we'll be working on that instead of playing live.  


However, next week is gonna be CRAZY as far as shows go, with 5 (potentially 6) live performances scheduled in 4 days!  Here's the schedule


-Wednesday - We're going Greek again and are being featured by the sisters of D Phi E to play a set at Beanz to kick off their open mic night!


-Thursday- Heading downtown to play a show at the BUG JAR!  This will be earlier than most shows with our set starting at 8:30pm.  


-Friday-  Hittin' the Buffalo scene with a show at Milkie's on Elmwood, a college town bar near Buff State.  Opener "The Good Neighbors" at 9, us at 10! 


-Saturday- Imagine RIT!  We're gonna be playing at the Infinity Quad Stage from 1:30 to 2:30!  


-Still Saturday- BRICKSTOCK, run by the Student Music Association.  Music starts at 7 for this event.  I'm still not sure what time we go on :D 


-Still Saturday- We were asked to play Ultra-Fest a couple weeks ago and said yes but they haven't followed up.  If all goes well, we'll be playing at this giant mansion rager late at night!   


That's all, peace! 

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