The Fate of SuP

May 10, 2017



It's crazy how fast time flies. Four years to be exact and to think I was entering my first semester at RIT (1.7 GPA WOOOO!!, those were the days.) trying to study Computer Science. I didn't know any of my room mates and to think I would eventually be in a band with one of them is amazing.


I'm lucky I brought my hollowbody bass with me.


Yes. That one. I didn't even have an amp for our first "show".


But what if I didn’t bring it. If I had left it home, would any of this had happened? I guess I was eager to show people that I could play Seven Nation Army and a handful of blink-182 songs but hey, it was enough to start a band. I recall buying an amp (the same one i have now) that week and we would eventually meet the other Josh.


As I was failing my classes that semester, I happened to pick up a different skill set; playing in an actual band, writing (terrible) songs, learning how to jam. Looking back I probably would’ve told myself to just go to class but honestly, that’s a semester I can look back at and be happy with. Luckily my bass playing would progress that year because SuP? (known as Subjective Perspective back then) would set our sights on the Battle of the Bands.



You can see how that went in the archived posts.



I can recall the next year, moving into Park Point thinking “holy shit! We can actually throw parties that we can play at without having our RA complain!”, and It was great! We recorded “Groove Punk”, my grades were back to their A-/B+ range, we were getting more local gigs. We got in trouble with the cops multiple times and to this day I’m amazed we weren’t evicted.


Then there was the third year which played out quite like the previous year but, speaking for myself, something felt different. The venues we were playing got bigger. It wasn’t just crowds of drunk people at our party or the Bug Jar, we got to tour New York State, play the state fair, canandaigua, the show on monroe, open for SWMRS,etc. It was a step in the right direction but there was this nagging feeling that I’m halfway done. There was this constant pressure to figure out what my plans were post graduation. I was sick of everyone asking me “What do you plan to do? Who are you going to work for? What are your other bandmates going to do?


It was scary. I’m the type of person to live in the present. And me being myself, I pushed it away and by doing so I bottled up all of that bullshit for the next year. It made me think of the shelf-life of this band. But even worse it made me think that maybe good things really do come to an end.


I get it. It’s a really sad way of looking at things but if you think about it, most of our fans and friends are graduating this year, meaning everyone will go their separate ways. It makes us unsure of our future.


But then I remember. Just being on a stage looking out to the crowd, looking at everyone singing along to one of the covers that we’ve ingrained into your head. Moshing to our rendition of Blitzkreig Bop, staring at us with those drunken/high faces, just having a good time. From Geneseo, Albany, Binghamton, and Rochester, the joy of playing music for people anywhere takes away all of that.


It makes it worth it, knowing that for the past four years, we provided people with a means of entertainment. It makes us feel fortunate that there are people who legitimately enjoy listening to us (and hopefully will continue to).


We feel obligated to return the favor the only way we can.


This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while now. Yes it’s a party, but It’s not going to be one of our standard, run of the mill SuP? parties.


We’re planning to bring back everything, the death jungle juice, 3 story funnel, free kegs. I say this in every blog post and this one is no different.


We owe it to you guys.


We extend this invitation to our fans, your friends, and most importantly the graduating class. Lets celebrate the culmination of the past four years and whatever the fuck may lie ahead.


Let’s celebrate One Last Time.


On May 12th.




And to the few graduates who won’t be able to attend.

Rock on.

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