From the Archives - Freshman Year

June 16, 2018

Hey everybody! It’s been a while hasn’t it? (about 13 months since MY last post…) A lot has changed over the past year and for the first time in… ever really… I don’t have to worry about school or grades or any of that fucking bullshit because I finally managed to graduate!


Yep. Done with academia, hello real world “9-5” work jobs.

It never fucking ends…. but hey, at least I’m making money now!


Anyways with the band on an “indefinite hiatus” (more on that eventually) I somehow, in my spare time, thought of the idea of rummaging though all of our old and unused content (videos, songs, photos, etc.). My goal is to look back and cringe at the things we did, and the steps taken to get to where we are now. I’m gunna call this series “From the Archives” because I honestly can’t think of anything more creative.


If your new to these blog posts I’ll have you know I try to write in the most professional manner possible.


Haha no. seriously, I don’t care. It’s my blog!


So here we go! I hope you enjoy this series detailing the history of SuP? and at the end, what lies ahead.




Thats our oldest logo to the left. We used to be called “Subjective Perspective”


no. wait.


We were called something else before that.





SIMPLE MINDS (no logo was ever created)


Yep. That’s it. Before we found out that name was taken by a MUCH BETTER BAND.


We actually ended up writing "Simple Minds" around the tunnels in RIT. If you're still out there, you might be able to find one of them. 


Moving on...


This is a photo from our Freshman Year at RIT @ Sol Heumann Hall 2025. Looking back, the amount of shit that we got away with is insane! Lemme just list it out for you real quick:

            -Obnoxious amateur rock band

            -Multiple smoking devices

            -Late night parties (we were the “intensive study” floor haaa)

            -Illegal lights on the walls and ceiling

            -a fog machine

            -beer in our fridge

            -unspeakable amounts of cannabis in the room

            -vaping the same cannabis in said room

            -a kegerator


A big thank you to our two awesome RA’s who probably despise us.


But back to the story, the three of us didn’t know each other prior to RIT. I looked up who I was going to be roomed with on Facebook and saw Tom’s profile and was like “who the fuck is this?” and “probably doesn’t party cause I’m going to RIT”. To make a story short we quickly realized we both not only party, but to a devastating amount. He brought his guitar to RIT and I told him I mess around on bass. One thing led to another, we formed a band.


We found Josh, our drummer back then, by putting up ads on campus which was written on the highest quality loose-leaf paper and pen with the title “DRUMMER WANTED”. He was the only one that responded back.


I wish we saved one of those ads somewhere…


Anyways, the very next day we find a cheap ass $100 drum kit on craigslist. Sometime during the week I bought a bass amp (Fender Rumble 150), which is still the same amp I use to this day. A couple jams and botched covers later and….


OUR FIRST GIG! An open mic show at Beanz in front of Gracies (a place I do not miss in the slightest).


I don’t recall what we ended up playing that night but what I do recall was that it was AWFUL and I’ll take the blame. You see, that may have been my first time playing in front of people and just look, LOOK at how nervous I am standing there. My mindset was “don’t look up” and “hit the right notes” which, I’m sure I didn’t.


We ended up playing a lot of “gigs” like this one (I swear I didn't wear the same fucking thing every time) and it was simple. Grab an extension cable, amps, guitars, drums, and just play somewhere nearby. We played so often that we became known as “those guys in that band”. If only they remembered what we were called.

Jesus Fucking Christ what am I wearing here. Wannabe hipster fuck. But I do like how we set up the grass in front of us.


This was our usual spot and looking back, it was perfect. There'd be a crowd sometimes but it was usually just students sprinting their way across the quarter mile. 


But enough photos, here’s a video of how we sounded freshman year.

The song is called "Taser Kid"

(Please view with extremely low expectations)



Our style back then was WAAAY different. Well, not completely different. I like to use the word “risk” and there was a lot more “risk” in our songwriting and playing. This was well before we found the correct formula to write mainstream music. We kept at it for a while and eventually we had heard something about a Battle of the Bands on campus…


We didn’t win that year, but we sure as hell wanted to. I remember rehearsing every day, nitpicking every detail of our set, and thinking we had a pretty good shot. I mean with songs like this, we definitely had something, a shot at winning.


But damn. We had a long ways to go before that happened…



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