Ya win some ya lose some, and your dog keeps on shitting

April 23, 2019

   Firstly I wanna thank Casper for having us play a great pig roast on Saturday, and Fitz for the barbecue on Sunday (pictured above).  The Pie Factory party Saturday night sucked for us as it started raining right during sound check but eeeeewhat the fuck can ya do.  Ya win some ya lose some, and your dog keeps on shitting.  

   Corey unfortunately left the band as our second guitarist, so we'll be starting to look for a new one.   We would like to have the worst possible guitar player to add to the mix so if you suck, let us know!  Having played for 5 years as a 3 piece, it was instantly obvious how much better we sounded with another guitar in the band.  

--Some other jizz--

   Our petition to play Woodstock clearly didn't work but we're thinking about bringing our shit out anyways on a trailer and we'll just drive around playing.  If you wanna help us out let us know and we'll dress you up like security guards to make it look legit.  Lets be honest, Woodstock is gonna be a completely unorganized shit-show free-for-all, it shouldn't be that hard.  

   Lastly we'll be playing Brickstock on RIT Campus this Saturday, in the afternoon proceeding iMagine RIT.  Thinking about streaking during that to promote the event.  It'll be on Greek Lawn at 8pm.



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